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Users with macOS versions below 10.15

This application once supported macOS 10.13. Considering the upgrade and optimization of the system, I have no lower version of the system to test, so the minimum version of the application is limited to 10.15 or above. But there are some nostalgic users, you can’t upgrade your macOS, in order to thank you for your use, I use the way of publishing outside the store (in compliance with Apple’s regulations), and separately publish applications for macOS 10.15 and below. This application is completely free, but not tested, if you need it, you can download it and try it.


此应用曾经支持过macOS 10.13,考虑到系统的升级,优化,我已经没有低版本的系统进行测试,所以将应用的最低版本限定在了10.15以上 但有一些怀旧的用户,你们无法升级自己的macOS,为了感谢你们的使用,我使用商店之外发布的方式(符合苹果规定),单独发布适用于macOS10.15以下的应用程序 此应用程序完全免费,但没有经过测试,如果你们有需要,可以下载尝试 下载